Self Publishing - Is it For You?

Writing a book can be easy. You will have to spend some time writing down your thoughts and connecting them to develop a captivating subject. The hardest part is publishing your book. Contrary to popular belief, publishing a book involves many complex phases. Proof reading to correct grammatical mistakes, editing the sentence structure, typing the entire book into a printable format - all these have to be done in order to get your book published.


A publisher will do all the work for you, but a huge chunk of the profits will be handed over to the publisher. But before that happens, the publisher needs to be persuaded that the book will sell very well; otherwise it is not worth his time and energy. For this reason, most aspiring writers will face rejections for the better part of their lives. However, that does not mean you should stop trying. There is another option -self publishing.


Self publishing has always formed a small fraction of the publishing industry. Nowadays, advances in publishing technology have allowed that percentage to grow. Desktop publishing, Print On Demand publishing, and the development of xerographic printing have all contributed to the industry in a way that makes self publishing your book more promising.


It isn't just new, unrecognized authors that self publish either. There is a list of bestselling self published titles available including The Celestine Prophecy, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Eragon.


The advantage to self publishing your book is you get full control and freedom. You may design every feature of your book, from the typeface to the cover art. You are in charge of the marketing and distribution of the book. And don't forget, you get to keep all the profits!


The disadvantage of self publishing your book is, while all the paychecks are yours to cash, all the bills are also yours to pay. As a self publisher, you are solely responsible to make sure your book succeeds. Anything you don't know about publishing, you need to learn fast. The outcome of your book, and your career as a writer, depends on it.


Once it has been transformed into a medium that is fit for publishing, you need to find a printing agency. They can do the cover design for you. The cover design and the layout of the book play an integral role in popularizing the book among readers. Search around the internet and you will find plenty of companies that specialize in this niche.


One of the most essential tasks when self-publishing your book is the promotion and marketing process. The publicity of your book is up to you. That means you need to get booksellers to put your book on their shelves, and get book reviewers to spread the word about your book so people will buy and read it.


Never expect overnight miracles since self publishing is filled with hurdles too. Just remember that humble beginnings mark the growth of a prosperous career. In a competitive market, self publishing your book presents steep challenges, but don't be daunted!